Europe in middle ages, confused and wounded of dominance and crimes of Catholic Church, went to a direction that appeared by the fight of intellectuals of that ages and caused a giant scientific mutation that named by Renaissance. But, the consequences of renaissance’s scientific mutation, was cultural and social evolution and development that last a few centuries to be realized. Transferring of scientific, cultural and social knowledges to the lower levels of society, was the process that could not occur suddenly, but it needed a few centuries to reaches public knowledges to a point not only vocabularies like “democracy” and “secularism” be accepted from the public, but to be institutionalized as a culture in the community.
In the other words, contemporary secular and democratic Europe is the result of struggle and endurance of European scientists and intellectuals in performance of mental and scientific revolution and their relentless and chronic efforts during centuries for increasing knowledges and bringing out the public from “religion wanted” scientific and cultural ignorance. The contemporary world that is passing a paradigm to the other paradigm, in a way, has similarities with middle ages Europe. Violent resistance with third wave evolution and modernity, shows a sever, fundamental and deep gap and disagreement among the developed and democratic societies in one hand, and traditional and retrogressive in the other hand. What is now known as terrorism, not only the sign of religious beliefs, but is the sign of being isolated religious communities from the other societies and so, negligence of companionship with the human cultural, social and scientific developments. This is the contrast of third wave culture with primitive societies. The samples of this revealed contrast is current community of Saudi Arabia and Western societies. A society that half of their population “women” have no right to drive a car and leaving the house without their husband companionship, and recently, by the religious edict of un Imam of Sunni, they have been proud of found promotion named as “animal”. How this kind of society can properly understand the cultural, social and scientific developments and evolutions? Without a doubt, these kind of societies need a scientific and cultural renaissance. One of the strategic mistakes of developed western countries is their efforts to inject “democracy” and “modernity” inside of these kind of countries. The major necessity of religious and primary societies is “knowledge”, the other renaissance, without a doubt will be the consequences of knowledge publication in these communities. This time, not in Europe, but in all the world and all the human society. Globalization will not be succeeded without other renaissance.

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