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October 12, 2016
October 22, 2016

Political immoralities

America’s presidential election is approaching. Soon will be the next president of the United States and leading world’s number one superpower and will rely on the seat of the most powerful man / woman in the world will.

However, what prompted me to write a short text, is how to fight and campaign literature used in the final round of the presidential candidates. In the meantime, more than any other phenomenon, the parties tried to destroy rival character looks and what is not observed, the expression strengths and candidates. To the point that both sides accuse each other of failing to comply with ethical issues within the family. Issues that have nothing to do with ethics and social behavior of candidates and the principles of human behavior inside and outside the house is very different and often contradictory. Speaking style, literature and even coverage of indoors, is completely different at home and in the community, and this is something obvious and natural. Even competitors go outside of this limits and accuse each other to infidelity and immoral relationships. Even if such a thing is true also that such behavior is no justification in terms of political and electoral competition. Competing parties, have already shown that victory of each one, will not be the interest of their country of origin and will lead their community and society towards more moral collapse.

In other countries, such as Iran and even advanced countries like France that claims morality, If not so severe, but talking about family private matters and to destroy rival character, has become the norm. And disclosed primarily those of the private life of an individual that in the event of her election to the presidency that don’t effect on how to governing the country and thus is not necessary as all these issues.


In France, the situation is not better. All competitors, even when internal party elections for the presidential candidate, attempting to accuse a variety of brands including financial, professional and family and even accusing each other of fraud in the party internal election. It is surprising that the people, despite all these immoralities, Still insists to choose the person they want.

The moral result of all this political immorality and destruction of personality, aside from that a lack of programs of the person who accuse, Indicate that, if elected, he will also continue immoral acts.

In none of the principles of democracy, we can’t see any accusation, character defamation, obscenity and verbal and behavioral immorality. Democracy tells us only to deliver our programs and to concentrate on the positive things that have not been done yet and we will do those in the future, thus voters based on the Candidates scores and schedules for political, social and economic, Identify their candidate and vote for him/her.

Each society must reach a level of political and democratic consciousness that knows the immoral actual candidate and the future president, intellectually and naturally is not democrat and will lead the society to nowhere.

Machiavelism, as with the other face, has emerged in twenty-first century at the height of human transition to democracy in the countries claim to democracy.

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