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October 11, 2016
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October 20, 2016

The most different war

Human history is full of wars. Most of them, were happened according to the national interests of one party or both / multiple sides. Interests that sometimes had political-social reasons, but the base and infrastructure of the majority of them had been “economy”. The common to all previous wars, whether local, regional and global, crossing geographical boundaries of the country / countries and the seizure of their land, according to the social-political and economic goals and the phenomenon of war has occurred in the territory of one of the parties of the conflict.

The largest such wars that have influenced human history, were World Wars I and II that has been followed the highest mortality rates and left burned territory. Tens of millions killed and millions displaced, and trillions of dollars of financial losses, were the results of such pervasive wars.

But, as history has shown, always after each pervasive war and after making peace, one or both sides of the war, has experienced remarkable economic growth. In fact, the consequences of such a major battle, was the staggering economic growth for one or both sides and often for the winner. Complete destruction of economic and industrial infrastructure, has caused very high demands for stagnant markets of industrialized countries for decades. The markets that before the war, lead to a deadlock any attempt of economists and scientists to exit of the crisis and recession and skyrocketing unemployment.

Now there is several years that have passed such wars. Europe after the world war two, has restructured by one dollar per petrol barrel and by the technology and industrial help of The United States of America. Germany, France and Great Britain after World War II, by the efforts of their people and imported technology, joined the ranks of the powerful industrial and post-industrial countries and among these countries, France and the UK gained the special votes for a veto in the UN. The United States of America experienced growth and unprecedented economic development in its history for decades by dint of the broad markets and boost its domestic plants to meet European and Asians customers.

A stagnant economy and a boom in the 1930s, grace to World War II and the complete destruction of the infrastructure of several countries, experienced a mutation and jumped up to the world’s number one economy without any competitors and in terms of economic and industrial, it such distanced with the other countries of the world that, now, it’s like a dream to reach it even for the first world countries and only China could only economically somewhat closer to America, and this process of development has graced to transfer capitals and lots of factories of United States to China for using Chinese cheap man power that has made jobs for hundreds millions people in China and has caused a win-win deal for both countries. Although the arrival of European industry and the capital of the developed countries also contributed to this growth.

Now, have passed nearly seventy years of World War II, and twenty years of the peak of economies of industrial and post-industrial countries. Over the past decade, major economic powers and technological world, Europe and America and as a result, many countries were experiencing a severe downturn that was before the Second World War history. All the tricks of the great economists to exit out of the crisis, due to lack of adequate markets for goods industrialized countries, remains ineffective. Infrastructures of most rich and developing countries, such as refineries, industrial facilities, telecommunications infrastructure, pipelines, etc. that were potentially puissant markets have been almost constructed and launched and As a result, their markets are quite saturated and the only weak potential markets such as poor African countries remains and this is not proper market to income.

In the other hand, stocks of weapons and ammunition of the countries whom buy, is full. United Arab Emirates that had the last place to buy weapons, now ranked after Saudi Arabia that is first in the world, which is located on buying weapons and ammunition. Filling caches of weapons and ammunition, promising the country’s readiness for another war. Stocks of weapons and ammunition have never spent for peace. The war that it’s based on Iraq and Afghanistan and then reached to Libya and Syria and was led to the complete destruction of their industrial and economic infrastructure and is currently involved Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen  and is blurting a great pervasive tension between Iran, as the greatest regional power and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has always tried to prove himself as a rival of Iran in the region, although has not always been such competitive factors and parameters but grace to the spending of petrodollars to promote international medias, although virtual, could show itself to a certain extent. However, it has serious and numerous political-social crisis and in economic terms due to the drop in oil prices that Saudi Arabia was the main reason of this drop, also experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis and yet, proximity of America to Iran, has affected political relations between America and Saudi Arabia.

In the meantime, Russia also, as heir of the Soviet Union for more than two decades, is seeking an opportunity to once again prove itself as a global superpower and in the meantime, the only way left for Russia is war because in economic and political fields, their competitiveness as a global superpower in the world equation is lost.

Considering all the above mentioned parameters and putting together different pieces, the puzzle will be completed and promise! of the other pervasive war but this time, not in the territory of the countries concerned, that will happen mostly in geographic areas of countries that is able to compensate for losses caused by the war, including the oil and gas rich countries.

And this is the most different kind of war that mankind has experienced in its history:

The overseas war and in the territories of non-beneficiaries…

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