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September 22, 2016
October 9, 2016

Water and oil

In this article, I’ve been surveyed only from one angle to the political – economic problems of France. France is facing many problems, some of which are reflected in my other articles.

France, the political center of Europe, one of the most important, and perhaps the most important pillars of the Europe Union, are struggling with problems for decades that the authorities, from every groups and parties, left and right, are unable to solve it. The basically economic problems that are increasingly more intense, and increases its speed. Current government (and even the previous governments), all are facing the very low rates of economic growth, unemployment, problems caused by the indiscriminate acceptance of immigrants, etc. It seems all government economic strategies and policies to increase economic growth and reduce unemployment, have so far failed. Failures that may increase the astounding popularity of right-wing radical and many French people, incorrectly, assume that node will be opened by this group. But why?

The root of the majority and in a sense, the most important current problems, not a specific partisan politics, but the general approach of the system that is running the country. Apart from the problems that its roots is in the slow decision-making and implementation due to the bureaucratic sick maze, the main problem is socio-political and economic paradox.

Managing of French society, radically deep, played by leftist and socialist policies. How to deal with immigrants, both legal and illegal and generous and extensive assistance to them, Massive government assistance to people employed and unemployed, high economic pressure on the employer and heavy taxation of citizens in many ways due to the enormous costs of the items listed. Existing a very powerful syndicates have always been an obstacle in the way of control over the affairs of workshops and institutes by their employers and even resistance of syndicates against government decisions that all items listed are also included in the law, all and all, shows governing the society by socialism methods. But, the paradox of the matter is that this method of administration associated with managing the economy based on free market. It means economic laws of capitalism in a society with deeply socialist regulations and this is the water and oil that can’t be scrambled. Although the governments of the past two decades, has always tried to adapt these two opposite phenomena but according to scientific reasons and justification, they have tried in vain.

French authorities should know that governing a society by the contrary law of the social and economic is like trying to mix oil and water that can’t be scrambled. Or must take the free economy away and the government bear all the responsibility and burden the economy and production, Or should be fundamental rethinking consideration in the managing of community, Social relations and labor relations laws.

In the first case, private transfer to the state and remove free-market economy, In addition to examples in East bloc countries has led to complete failure, will cause The failure of the economy to compete with other countries with free economy and will lead to irreparable retardation.

In the second case, that the rules change in social relations and labor relations towards free market, this should be done as soon as possible. The current state of relations between workers and employers in France is such that the employer, Even in case of less working and many other items such as malingering and disobeying, Is deprived of the right to dismiss workers which have been reduces the efficiency of staff and one of the reasons for the backwardness of French companies from other industrialized countries rivals. It should be noted, French companies and producers have to compete with the companies of the first world countries like the United States of America that their only employees supporter and ensure is day by day doing their work better and every day to do their best and is not lazy workers Morpheus syndicates.

Tolerating cost of unemployment and migration is another major reason for such backwardness of competition and even the inability to attract foreign capital and productive capital flight from the country. France is the champion of Europe in terms of taxation, this country ranked first in Europe and the world’s ninth and above all the powerful countries of the world. In one direction, Production and the French economy, is in the hands of the private sector and liberation but on the other hand, high tax, however legal, from the worker and the employer to provide social services and social costs in the socialist community, adding the finished price of goods as much, that domestic producers can’t compete with foreign companies in the French market and rightly blame the government the high price of finished goods. For this reason, the French government, on one hand, will be forced to raise taxes for costs of society with a socialist structure and on the other hand, must respond to strikes in various areas including agriculture producers and in many ways, including subsidies to farmers and ranchers and manufacturers, to make up for the price difference. This phenomenon, is paradoxes and vicious circle that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

If the government and French society want to reduce the unemployment problem, growth rates and an increase in competitiveness in global markets in the process of globalization, Should stop trying in vain and fruitless and frustrating for mixing water and oil and choose one of them. With current trends continue, the success of the government and the happiness and welfare of the people would be impossible, even with the rise of far-right party. This is the Mirage that the ordinary people hardly believe it.

France needs a courage leader and politician to take the risk of deep social reforms and to accept the possibility of political suicide.



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