August 28, 2016
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September 4, 2016

Why Renaissance?

European of the middle Ages is a continent under dominance of Catholic Church. A continent full of superstitions and ignorance. The land that kings are not its main governors, this is the Catholic Church and Pap that governs it. This is the land of poor peoples that give their inconsiderable properties to Church for buying the land of paradise. A continent that its Kings are dominants by Church and in fact, this is the religion that governs… and thus, kings get their legitimacy from church. The governments that based on the people’s ignorance and execute their Galileo.

On the other hand, Ottoman and governments based on Islam are formed in eastern and the Middle East. A religion that got into power in Saudi Arabic by robbery and developed by war, massacre and destroying civilized societies like Persia and now is a threat for the Catholic Europe. The Catholic that believes Jerusalem is the land of Jesus and thus, this is considered part of its territory.

Crusades begins, Pap forgives those killed of war. Crusades soldiers get a cross from Pap after an official swear and it means this is a kind of competition among official kings and Church, and Church is winner of this competition because the ignorant public is searching paradise and escape hell in maintenance of Church.

Now we come back to the last years of twenty’s and the early years of twenty first’s century and again religion and the ports of Paradise in the Middle East. From 1981 to 1989, Iranians soldiers that pretends they are the 12th Imam’s soldiers, goes on Mine zone to become Martyrs and thus go to Paradise, and in the early years of 21st century, The ISIS’s soldier fastens explosive belt to go to Paradise by killing Atheists and unbelievers. Here is the same kind of competition between Modernity and religion, between Science and ignorance, between reality and Superstition.

The point that provides background this kind of wars after 7 or 8 centuries, is the strong presence of religion in science and knowledges isolated societies and it’s a strange similarity of remarks and performances among religious leaders of these two far from each other periods. In the Middle Ages, Pap were sent church soldiers to paradise and in 20th and 21st century, Ayatollah Khomeini and ISIS’s leaders, each one separately, as the messengers of Allah on earth, promises Paradis to their soldiers.

But, what is happening in contemporary Europe? How come the church that decided for kings for their marriages, now follows secular societies and governments and is changing religious rules and regulations that earlier was deadly sin to doubts with?  What was happened in recent centuries in Europe that cause church’s passivity and marginalization?

How come inquisition courts with cardinals leadership is changed 180 degrees to civil court against a French Cardinal? And why this Miracle has not happened for churches in South America and for Mosques in the Middle East?

We could find response of this question in the word “Renaissance”. A kind of cultural and scientific development that was happened during three centuries by intellectuals, scientists and persons like Galileo in Europe and thus caused passivity and marginalized promoters of religion.

Without any doubts, this kind of fate and future, will happened to systems and governments based on religion by scientific and technologic developments. We can remember the 99% people votes to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. But now, in case of voting for continuing religious government, it’s hard to imagine more that 10% for them. This terrible difference, is not only the sequence of the government’s acts, but knowledges that caused falling apart church in Europe during three centuries, has happened in Iran during three decades by the reason of developing technology and so,  daily increasing and developing international communications. Unfortunately this is not happened in Iraq and Arabic countries of margin of Persian Gulf yet, and even, as a result of lack of this phenomenon, in effect of getting into power of religious governments, Arabic spring in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, became the Arabic fall, a phenomenon that was not that hard to predict in these kind of societies, mosques are people’s governors and the same war and tensions between church and government in middle ages Europe to dominate on people, now is occurring in Arabic countries like Egypt and Tunisia. The more tragedy is the full dominance of Imams in Saudi Arabic and retarded Arabic countries of margin Persian Gulf. The places that in the best situation, women are evaluated as Camels. Although development in these societies will take too long, but without a doubt will occur.

Dividing countries to first to third world was the consequences of renaissance. But here is an exception in relation to the influence of religion among the first world countries and this is the united states of America, The most technological and scientific country. Perhaps, lack of philosophy in the educational system could be one of the reasons, a kind of education based on pure science. But the main reason of America’s people religiosity could be the lack of Catholic Church of Middle Ages and its crimes in the United States. Crimes of Catholic Church during several centuries in Europe was the European main motivation to absorb secularity, the centuries that there was not a country named United States, and thus, the creation of the United States after renaissance, caused that they use the science and cultural consequences of renaissance without touching crimes of Catholic Church and thus without religious scurry. Although, Evangelic is the main religion in the United States and it has much opposition against Catholic Church and its immutable laws and regulations.

Apart from this exception, in other cases, scientific and cultural renaissance and developing scientific and cultural knowledges in different societies, had direct relation with decreasing religious influence and increasing the numbers of Atheists. In the other word, in parallel with developing and increasing the scientific level among people, societies go toward secularism and moderation and avoiding extremism. Although, in parallel with the progress of this phenomenon, there will happen stronger Antagonistic struggle from religious and nationalist extremists, but at the end of this process, science, civic culture, modernity and moderation will win.

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