The word “renaissance” associated with cultural and social evolution. As it noted in the site editorial as key word and is written about it, the scientific - cultural differences among different social levels, had caused several cultural, social and also political problems. In our opinion, the biggest and perhaps the sole factor of moderator and preventer of globalization, are these fundamental scientific and cultural differences and the only way to exit of these problems, is the understanding and mutual perception among the different social levels and this category will not be possible except increasing and developing of scientific and cultural knowledges the social levels that are far away from these evolutions.
In the other words, perception and understanding is are directly depend on increasing knowledge and thus, intercultural wars among countries and nations that seams the political war, are based on misunderstanding that is a result of cultural and scientific differences among nations. Appellation of renaissance site is this way of attitude and angle of looking at the roots of tensions in human community. We are nor following induction special thinking nor effort to propaganda a special Ideology to our audiences and for lots of reasons, we are not dependent on or member of a political group or party because this kind of dependence will prevent to hear and accept difference and/or opposite opinions. Our sole target, as we noted, is increasing knowledges and in this way, to welcome exchange ideas and different opinions because we believe on of the ways to increasing and developing knowledges, is exchanging ideas and civil discourses among different ideas.

Welcome to the other renaissance.

Peyman Bagheri