Political immoralities
October 20, 2016
October 27, 2016


The streets of Paris, the most beautiful city in the world, the Eiffel Tower with all the glory, Etoile Square, the legendary Champs Elysees the world’s most beautiful and most famous streets and buildings dating back to some more than two hundred years old and very beautiful traditional cafes that evoke Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre and … in your mind is a unique collection of French art and culture. And the same things, without the Eiffel and Etoile, can be seen in all cities and towns in France.

But, when you turn your eyes from building and streets toward passersby, you see the world differently than seeing such beautiful and magnificent architecture that is in the background of the mind.

In 1980s in France, there were the same buildings and passageways, but with trespassers quite different from today. The mostly French people with their own behavior and culture, a set of inner and outer beauty. Form of clothes, makeup, hair, gait, speech and social behavior and quite different from today. After more than two decades and will return again, with visualization and imagination far more modern and advanced society than before. But, when you open your eyes, if it’s not written flying to Paris and entering in France not stamped on your passport and you don’t see the former streets and buildings, you can’t figure out where in the world. This is unbelievable but it’s true.

An urban is in front of your eyes with a population structure quite different from what you’ve seen before and what you’ve already visualize. There is no longer smiling, happy and the kind French people nor French style and specific culture exist, especially in Paris.

People huddled and fleeing from the streets and passages that are going to get home as quickly as possible, that outside of the home, in their community, feel a certain nostalgia that leads them involuntarily into their homes, because, at least they could be French and live with their French culture at home. This level of antisocial and taking refuge in the house, is unprecedented from the World War II and the occupation of France by Nazi Germany. The majority of people in the streets and even in traditional Parisian cafes are tourists or immigrants (legal and illegal). Traditional Paris florist peddlers are replaced by the smuggled cigarettes and drugs vendors. In some areas do not even dare to walk and you don’t see a trace of French communities and in each meter there is suggestion of contraband cigarettes and drugs and even can’t be found a trace of tourists in these areas. In such regions, French is a second language, with totally different behavior and culture and even conflicting with French culture. However, in each region, one or two four-way across the area, there is French Quarter as well but there is no commute between people of these two regions. Such as they live in two countries or two different island with opposite cultures with the boundaries of non-physical and intangible. The people across this border, work and by overpaying to the state, they provide living costs and unemployment of the other side’s people and with the birth of more children have more income. A completely free life at the expense of the French. French people approved cry of injustice and unfair law enforcement that deduct from their income and paid to those who not only do financially abuse, but do not respect for the payer and not care the homeowner. The law that guarantees working French people and luxury life for the people mostly stray and idle. The laws in the name of human rights and profit of a jobber group. When you speak with these immigrants, they keep talking with slander and invective about French people. Children who are born in France, they grow in the same family and the same geographic area with such thoughts and views of the French people and finally, the only thing that shows they are French, is their French ID cards and passports, not the culture and the lifestyle, which is the tribal culture and lawlessness of their country of origin.

And not only in Paris, but all over France is full of such cultural islands. We are not talking about ethnic supremacy and racism, we talk about cultural differences and contradictions.

And there are many French who tired from such a shattering law and non-civilized behaviors, prefer migration to smaller French cities than living in Paris and Marseille and day by day the number of such migration is added.

And thus that France, culturally converted to the archipelago.

French society is collapsing because such fragmentation and segregation and cultural conflicts. If do not measure of this incorrectly process of recent decades, we will be witnessed the complete collapse of civil society and civil riots. Insurgents whose origin is rooted in the tensions and contradictions visible and invisible cultural differences and now only because there are very strict laws in the field of physical or verbal aggression and tight police controls, remained such a fire under the ashes.

It should be noted that the main task and priority of the French government, from each party and each ideology, is to protect life, property, interests and security of French people.

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