October 22, 2016
What do French people want?
December 29, 2016


Sort beads used in the politic, such as reactions we behave in society, is like a circle domino. Based on such an arrangement, the first action piece, will just transfer to other nuts and exactly the same type of reaction of latest Nut, is the action of opening Nut.

Political actions and reactions, are mainly the same kind. Moderation will cause moderation and Radicalism would also follow phenomenon like itself. The law of action and reaction on dialectical materialism.

There is long time that civil and modern society, has chosen living without radicalism. Civil society, wounded phenomenon that is being enlightened and forward-looking, kept at some distance from it and now also facing the challenge of Islamic radicalism. In this way, parallel to the growing phenomenon of human moderation in modern and conscious societies. Radicalism, especially religious radicalism, is more aggressive in opposing that, a phenomenon that is rooted in ignorance radical communities. Unfortunately, the appearance of radicalism is among the intellectuals common, a disease that originates in self over estimating and under estimating the others and thinking of be so different from the others.

On the other hand, religious radicalism, as well as the development of modernism, stood up and opposed to it, a kind of Developed antithesis within modernism and postmodernism rooted in scientific knowledge and historical differences between the two sides. And thereby to reduce the differences in awareness and thus reduce the severity and scale of radicalism, intellectual interaction with other sectors of society not only necessary, it is obligatory. Such mutual relations led to a general audience and therefore will raise awareness which will be followed by a more moderate behavior and the spreading culture of moderation and tolerance of different opinions in society.

Our intellectuals have to realize that radical behavior and speech is a historical loop that will also afflict them. Somewhere, at a point, this vicious circle must be discontinued until the human society meet the color of peace and prosperity. And that’s exactly what Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. He did not call a crime with another crime. However, given probation, but with the elimination of violence, revenge and radicalism, a culture of tolerance and cooperation established in the country. The lesson can and should be a priority of intellectuals and freedom fighters of the other countries of the world.

Removing the radicalism culture from societies and making tolerance and interaction culture is one of the main tasks of intellectuals.

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