October 27, 2016

What do French people want?

Fifteen years of center-right government of France passed. Days and years with many political and economic tensions and people’s widespread dissatisfaction with the policies of right-wing government that the last of them was Nicolas Sarkozy and the role of syndicates that are mainly leftist and so strong.

Francois Hollande from the French Socialist Party under the slogan of “change now” relied on the presidency chair of one of the five world powers. His slogan was met with great public interest in France and finally, after fifteen years and for the first time since the beginning of the Fifth Republic the current president (Sarkozy) was not elected for second term. A phenomenon that for the center-right party (Republicans today) in terms of political prestige was unbelievable and very expensive and from the beginning, indications of sabotage and create obstacles to implementing the policies of François Hollande was also cleared and observed.

The center-right party, not only challenge the government bill entitled “marriage for all” but by bringing tens of thousands of supporters with their families to the streets on Sundays each week, led to controversy. Although the bill passed the House finally passed but the basis for magnification and propaganda against the Socialist Party and the political, economic and social programs. However, such a law has already been enacted and implemented in other European countries, even in countries with a Catholic and zealous majority but it is surprising this kind of encounter in a country where is the center of left parties in Western Europe, it was evident that is a collision political purposes.

Next step was opposing the labor law that was presented to parliament.


France has strongly labor law agree with the employee and workers and contrary to the interests of employers, so that a permanent deal, even if the employer is not satisfied with the quality and quantity of work of his employee, he is not able to dismiss. French labor syndicates have so much power in society. And all this while France has the lowest job performance in the developed and advanced countries of the world.

The center-right, extreme right and extreme left, each turn, based on their partisan interests, had tried to prevent the adoption of such a law by stimulating and bringing people into the streets and mass protests  in which the supporters of these parties to create tension and burning of public and private property to conflicts with police.

The new law, which passed parliament, but also eventually with a lot of controversy and social tension, correctly, has focused on previous labor law loopholes and was effort to create a suitable atmosphere for employers investment and personnel recruitment. Tips that are not welcome to appeal of Republicans and extreme left. Due to the extreme left, tendency towards more capital and reduce the power of labor syndicates and Republicans to “only oppose”.

As a reminder, the new labor law, is one of the ways to create power in French companies compete with foreign companies, especially the United States of America that its workers and employees due to lack of job security, work strongly and with all the power and that’s why they have much higher efficiency than French workers. Another advantage of the new labor law by giving the employer in hiring or firing workers, was encourage foreign companies to invest and create jobs in France.

We see that none of the items listed are not only not delivered to deficiency, but also is essential for companies and institutions compete with advanced countries in the globalization process.

Another very important thing in opposition and sabotage the reforms and changes plans of the Socialist government and Francois Hollande, were the actions of several companies, mainly strong, with executing tightening economic policies and reduction of personnel and their capital out of the labor market that caused increasing the unemployment rate. The process that was completely clear for me because of the base of center-right among asset owners and also looks very natural.

In this regard, we can highlight the role of right-wing Mainstream Media that hold the pulse of the France media. Such propaganda media, every day and day by day was so effective reducing the popularity of François Hollande to less than five percent on the low-aware society that is not able to recognize their own and future generation interests or is selfish  that can’t passes its short-term interests to strengthen his country’s political and economic.

After the end of World War II and the beginning of the crisis that was devastating consequences of war, Emperor of Japan, said in a message to the people of Japan whose country now needs to work sixteen hours a day but the state can’t pay for more than eight hours and requested the people of Japan continue to work and reconstruction at this situation. Japanese nation worked sixteen hours a day for eight hours payed for a decade. We name this kind of people to “Patriot”. The people who protest in the streets for working four more hours a week and burn public and private property can never and never have patriotic title. They are selfish that can’t even see the interests of their children and future generations.

Items listed are only excerpts of the opposition and bias against of opposition parties and the people fooled. Multiplied cases such as the problems of immigrants and immigration policies (That even existed in center-right governments and have also continued in the current government) that in these cases also have done enlargements and in the meantime extreme right has taken the most interests.

What did France’s center-right during fifteen years of its domination? What changes have created? French Socialist government inherited a host of political – economic – social and administrative problems that any person or any party can solve all of them over a period of five years. French people “should” realize that begin to fundamental changes until getting results need at least a decade. The time that never given to François Hollande, with all his strength and conscious.

I’ve written and mentioned the serious problems of political – economic of “France” in an article named “water and oil” that can be supplement of this article. I recommend the reader to read it to understand more and better the problems.

Francois Hollande won the election by advocating change but each time he started to change, it faced opposition from people and I could not understand what was meant people of the word “changing”?

Work less and pay more and longer vacations?



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